Flat Roof

What is Torch Down Roof?

Torch Down Roof is made up of two layers of modified bitumen that are melted together by a torch. This creates a roof that is resistant to ultraviolet light and a waterproof barrier, ideal for Canada’s rough winters.

The Torch Down roofing system is usually used for flat roofs where snow, rain and ice form and sit for long periods of time. It covers the entire roof at a thickness of approx 4 mm.

Types of torch down roofing system


The two-layer torch down roofing system

Made up of a smooth base ply and one ply with a granular surface.


The three-layer torch down roofing system

made up of an asphaltic board, a smooth base ply, and a top ply with a granular surface. The three-ply roof is better and lasts longer than the two-ply system. It gives homeowners an excellent airtight seal that guarantees no leaks throughout its lifespan.


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